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Some things you should know…

Some things that I want ALL brides-to-be to know….

1. It doesn’t matter what all the perfect planning books or wedding etiquette says, your wedding can reflect exactly who you are no matter what. So if you want hotdogs and hamburgers at a super cool rustic backyard shindig… DO IT! That goes for any other idea you are contemplating, but keep wondering what others may think! You and your guy are the only opinions that should matter when it comes to designing your perfect wedding.
2. Work it in your budget for a make up artist. You will be surprised how much it makes you glow in photos. It brings a little boost of confidence that shines from the inside out too.
3. Make sure you have found your “perfect match” in a photographer. It’s not just their work you need to look at, you are more importantly seeing how your personalities mesh. You spend ALOT of time with your photographer and on the wedding day, they are with you at every moment so you need to feel totally comfortable! They should feel like a BFF by the wedding day so that their presence makes you feel at ease, not add more stress.
4. Take into consideration whether venues offer a clean up service or if you should hire one. If you can afford it, that would alleviate your family having to spend all night stacking chairs, etc. and cleaning up after you are gone. Trust me, I have the type of family that wants to do it all, but if you can talk them out of it, DO IT just because you love them!

That’s all for now 🙂 Just wanted to share! Love, Darla

And since it’s always good to have a photo in a blog post, here is a cool nighttime shot!


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